Saturday, August 20, 2016

To highschool students whom it may concern.

Let me tell me you about the saddest thing about graduation... If you're me. You'll start forgetting it as it passes. The salutatorian, or in my case my friend Luz, will talk and you will be like 'oh my gosh she is talking, she's been working om this for a while now. And strongly think to yourself, she should've been valedictorian. But as the actual valedictorian talks you forget everything she said and everything this stranger who is at the top of the schools ranks and is known to be lazier than you talks you'll zone out because she's no one you know and you tend to zone out whenever someone talks.

You'll forget your name card that your meant to give to your name reader person because you got anxious but lucky he knows your name as you were in his club for all of your four years. You'll hear you name and as you walk to get the empty dipolma you will shake because all eyes on you and barely any screams fill the room. You're not a popular kid and that never bothered you as long as you had those few friends you know will scream your name as you walk over. Fear of tripping on those what seems to be very unsturdy stairs but you surpass that and shake the schools principal's hand and he gives a small congratulations.

As the people walk by you zone out but try not to because friends are beginning to talk by and you want to make sure you scream when their name is called to show your support and how much your proud of them. You wave at passing friends who are waiting in line for their names to be called and you sit there half posing for pictures as you spot your family, if your lucky that is. Yet your still shaking and the entire encounter on the mini stage.

As you once summer school teacher gives you an envelope with papers and plastic that is meant to go inside your diploma you give yourself a chance to say goodbye to all of your amazing teachers and every single friend you know you'll most likely never see again. And finally you say thank you to everyone who's ever been a friend to you and who's ever supported you in any way, shape, or form. Whether it was telling you to try something you wouldn't normally or pass you on the online course you didn't fully finish as it was the end of the year.

As you walk out the door regret fills you, you know you could have done better at school. You know you could have gotten good maybe great grades if you weren't so caught up with some silly things and some not so silly things.

If there's anything to take from this post is that, sometimes we are down in the dumps and it seems like there is no way we can ever come out. Yet it is you who decides whether you come out or not.

Don't be silly middle school children who believe their on top of the word because they can say curse words and think it's cool to be suspended because those are the kids who don't graduate and to them graduation doesn't matter. That is until their thirty and looked down upon by society for lacking a simple diploma. And it's funny, truly, how simple minded people like them ask for respect and to 'be treated like adults' by acting like children with temper tantrums some even to their senior year. Unaware that in real life people like that can't act like that or by a snap of a finger out they go, because employee's are replaceable.

Don't let something like a fight with a friend or hatred towards said teacher ruin chances at ruining your life because it isn't ruining there's. Just yours. This is just an FYI and of course I don't know everything because I'm still learning and no one is every finished learning before their inevitable death.

But I'm glad that I only have one regret in highschool versus the many my friends have and it's mostly all the same: I wish I had tried harder.

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