Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sophomore Year Band: Most Memorable year

Sophomore year was something. But band itself was something different. I never categorize band and school as the same things. I don't know why because it is part of the high school experience. I suppose that it is because we practically we spend our entire school day in band. Just look at our schedule.

Go in at 6:45 in the morning every single day except Wednesday. The reason why not Wednesday is because we have either early release or late start. That and the fact that we just had a Night rehearsal. Call time at 6 on Tuesday which is a rehearsal until 9. Percussion and Color guard have rehearsals on Thursdays from 6-8 or else 5-8. I don't really remember. Fridays were football game which meant that we were there when the game started and after the game finished. Sometimes we'd leave early. The only times we'd ever leave early is because we had an early Competition the next day. The competitions could start at 6 in the morning and end at 11. Depending on what's going on and the morning show and evening show. In all honesty it was all such a blur, and at some point it is better that way.

It all went by so fast, I don't know how people remember such specific details when they write a book or something like that. Maybe their making up the conversations and events. What I remember the most is being cold for a while.

The only day where I remember the most things would be the day of our competition. It was already a long day with early practice in the morning, I don't remember if it was a at 10 or at 6 am. Clearly not that early but it was something similar. We were preparing for the arrival of the buses and I was relaxed. We all were, unknowing of how anxious our band director was feeling. She suggested to head outside to wait for the buses there, as we will be late. We waited for about 10 minutes until our teacher announced that there will not be buses. Someone in the front office didn't do their job. In the last two years ALONE we have had the same issues where people in the front office don't do their jobs. It always ends bad.

She said that it was too late to get buses and suggested that we all call parents and see if we can arrive in cars, separately. I called my mom but she couldn't come as she was already at the competition. Cars slowly arrived and my sister and I hitched a hike with my friend Louis and his freshman sister Amy along with our friend Jazmin. It was like a minivan but smaller, the three of us were in the 'truck' area where in the commercials the person puts the groceries. We made fun of the old lady in the car behind us, and tried to forget that the same thing had happened to Maryvale High School. The buses didn't arrive and they had to forfeit the competition.

We were the first car to get there, we explained our situation and I think they were laughing behind our backs. 'Ghetto school comes in a ghetto way.' We had a very short Warm-up and had to go on. Ms, Grace explained to us that they had extended the or made a short break so that we can preform. Warm-up had gone extremely great, we were stopped by miss who said 'Do we have to come late all of the time so that you can sound like that' She always did that, her and Ms. Erica (Just 'Erica' at the time.) We went out to the gate that separated us and the track surrounding the field. Ms. Grace looked at us and was ready to give a speech.

What I can remember, she said. "You'll do great out there. F- the judges, forget the judges. You came late, had a great time, so what they say doesn't matter because you will do great out there." She continued her speech although it didn't go exactly like that. She began to cry making me want to cry and making others go "AWWW". We had a great show that year, "Moulin Rouge"

It was the announcer who convinced them to give us more time. I can't remember his name sadly, I was told he passed away and I don't know why. He an amazing person, he came out to help us a while back and to talk to us about band. Said that we are a gang, but not THAT type of  'gang'. A gang hangs out in the same area almost everyday, the band room. A group of people having informal and usually close social relations. Lock in. People who have a same interest, band. He went on to saying jokes and serious talks.

He was announcing the people who made it to either state or super state. He said, "And now I will be announcing who passes in no exact order." He went on the state all of the 10 who will pass. At some point he said "Ca-" And called out a different school. By the end the hope I had was diminishing. "CARL HAYDEN HIGH SCHOOL" My heart jumped in joy, I cried. Before I thought it was all over, and yet we had one more chance. We got 6th place whilst the previous year we had 8th place. We'd hope to continue scoring better and better as the years went by, but alas that didn't happen. But that's a different story.